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Looking for the ultimate bridal makeup artist in Dubai to make your wedding dream a reality?

Weddings happen everywhere. Each culture has its own of doing weddings. Every bride dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day, she wants to be remembered as the most gorgeous and eye-catching bride in the presence of hundreds of guests gracing the wedding festivities.
Looking for the ultimate bridal makeup artist in Dubai, UAE, and the Gulf States to make your wedding dream a reality?/strong>
Look no further! Your search ends here. Introducing Dolled Up by Tooba, where every stroke of brush transforms you into an exotic beauty on your special day. Tooba and her team are here to offer bridal makeup services, customized to your needs, ensuring every detail is perfected without compromising the quality of your bridal makeup. Not only this, you will also experience the convenience of having your bridal makeup and its services done in the comfort of your own space, where nothing is overlooked, and every aspect of your special bridal look is carefully created like a masterpiece!

What sets us apart?

Our bridal makeup services stand out for their uniqueness because we offer discounted prices and package deals for the brides, which include groups of makeup sessions. The most important goal here is the quality. Quality over quantity is what we emphasize. So we can prioritize personal attention by limiting appointments we book, ensuring each bride receives our individual focus. Moreover, our bridal makeup is exclusively done by none other than, Tooba, while, hair styling is expertly handled by our senior artist. The collaboration of both expert artists ensures the pinnacle of bridal makeup excellence for your most special day!

How do our unique advantages and benefits differentiate us from the other bridal makeup artists?

I, the Founder of Dolled Up by Tooba, an internationally certified makeup artist, continue to refine my skills through ongoing from seasoned professionals from the industry and attend specialized classes with the latest makeup techniques.

One more reason to opt us is that we extend our services beyond makeup by offering additional photography services to capture our bride’s beauty on her special day, making sure that these timeless memories are preserved forever.

Moreover, we cater to the convenience of our clients by providing them with rental dress services, allowing them to access attire for their events without the burden of ownership.

Now let’s outline the key step we’ll undertake on your wedding day. Before commencing the bridal makeup for your big day, we prioritize a crucial step; which conducting a thorough consultation. During this consultation session, we would discuss your desired makeup look and the theme you envision for your wedding day. We would also offer two eye makeup options to choose from, so you can decide which would look best on you. Moreover, we provide guidance on skin preparation, detailing the steps that you need to take for your skincare prior to your wedding day makeup.

As Dubai Makeup artists, we only use high-end and popular makeup products that are suitable for your skin type, making sure flawless application of your bridal makeup. This session would cover all aspects of your bridal makeup steps, from eye makeup and foundation to highlighter, making sure that every choice would increase your beauty for your special day. Taking into consideration these key factors, along with your personal preferences and unique features, we would create the look to ensure your wedding day makeup perfectly complements your vision and also enhances your natural beauty.

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