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If there is one season that we can’t wait for, it’s summer where we get to enjoy the sun and sand and water to the fullest! However, come on, darling, it is not a secret that a summer beauty look is not limited to adorable clothing alone, but also to the ideal makeup mood. Fear not, ladies, for we have you sorted with two elegant and gorgeous summer makeup inspiration that will dazzle the world and make you feel like a queen!


Let the beauty redeems your face through the Berry Flush look!

1. So rinse your face with a mild face wash, subsequently apply a toner, and finally, slather it on the broad-spectrum sunscreen (even those applying sunscreen containing makeup want that extra layer of protection, babe!).

2. You only need ‘tint’ of concealer; place a small amount on the beauty blender and dab it gently on the under-eye area and on any spots. This will set your makeup and give you a natural-looking finish especially if your skin is on the oily side without the tight or cakey feel.

3. Swirling a small amount of Berry Flush blush from our collection, apply it to the apples on your cheek. It only takes a little at a time, forget about the big reveals and big gestures.

4. Shape those brows by opting for an eyebrow wax while at it, enhance those lashes opting for waterproof mascara.

5. Their complete makeup look is topped off with a sheer lip balm that leaves the lips hydrated and tingling with color, and the girl is beach ready!


Get that much sought after dewy, tanned skin look with our Mountain Dewy look!

1. The dew drop serum should be applied by mixing it with your usual foundation for added hydration and that radiant glow.

2. Using a beauty blender wet it and spread the mixture in your skin without blotchy lines.

3. Beverly Hills, contour your features lightly and blush it with some peachy blush on those cheek bones.

4. Blend a light-colored highlighter from the center of your collar bones up to the outer edges, then do the same on the sides of your face from just underneath your cheek bones to cupid’s bow. To give a little more bling, put on a metallic hue on the waterline.

5. Conclude the look with a sheer nude gloss, and you are ready to slay this summer!

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