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How to do makeup on tanned skin?

Prep and Hydrate

Taking care of your skin is necessary all year, but it is especially important in the summer when it is exposed to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays can damage your skin, so use a good SPF moisturizer every day to protect and hydrate it. Using a primer allows makeup to tan skin without seeming dry or cakey. A nourishing mist is an excellent complement to your routine, refreshing your skin and setting any makeup you apply during the day. Remember that sunscreen is your strongest barrier against the symptoms of aging, so apply it every time you go outside.

Avoid Foundation

A clean tan should leave your skin looking nicely bronzed and smooth. Using a strong foundation can conceal that brightness. If you require some coverage, use a light product such as a shaded moisturizer, BB cream, or our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector. To lighten certain spots, apply some concealer. 

There is no reason to use a strong foundation for makeup on tanned skin. Allow your skin to circulate air, particularly on scorching summer days or in the chilly winter months. As an alternative to using a primer and a heavy foundation, go for a BB or CC cream for an organic, breathable finish.

Focus on the cheeks

One of the most effective techniques for highlighting a golden tan is to concentrate on your cheekbones. Coloring your cheekbones can bring out the radiance and brightness in your skin.

     Using pink or coral blush may give your face a great flash of color, making it look young and lively.

     These colors are ideal for giving your skin a healthy, glowing appearance.

If you want to appear more sun-kissed, an orange-colored bronzer is an excellent choice. It highlights your natural tan and gives your cosmetics an attractive finish for makeup on tanned skin. The goal is to select a color that best suits your skin’s tone and personal preferences. Try blush and highlighter to determine which one suits you best.

Tantouring can provide a more natural appearance. Tantouring is a method that uses a sunbathing substance to contour your face. Using a golden-colored Glow Face Mist and a fluffy brush might help you attain this. Apply the spray to your cheeks and mix softly. This method provides a delicate contour that highlights your bronze tone without having heavy makeup.


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Focus on the cheeks

Concealer Basics

Concealer is like an enchanted tool for perfect skin. It is one or two shades lighter than the foundation you’re using. Apply it beneath your eyes to conceal dark circles and coloration. It can also be used to treat acne, scars, rosacea, and other skin conditions. The idea is to integrate nicely so that the lighter-colored concealer is less obvious.

Using concealer as a highlighter

Concealer can also help highlight your features. To use it as a highlighter, sprinkle it in the following areas:

     Center of your brow, spreading up through your forehead.

     Just beneath the outer edges of your brows

     The inner edges of your eyes and the line next to your nose

     Under your eyes in a reversed triangular shape.

     Bottom of your chin.

Choosing the Right Concealer

Color Choosing the appropriate concealer shade is critical for natural coverage. Your concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation. An excessively dark concealer will not function well. For tanned skin, search for concealers with warm undertones rather than pink or chilly tones. This offers a perfect integration of your natural skin tone.

Make a statement with your lips:

With a bronze complexion, you can use any color lipstick. If you do, your flawless complexion will appear even more attractive. Consider strong colors such as red, orange, and coral. Make your lips the focal point of the makeup for tanned skin, and keep everything else simple. Nudes and natural colors are also suitable for a more calm approach.

Blush for Tan Skin:

Choosing the best blush for tan skin is just as important as picking the right foundation and concealer. Shades that are too pink can make you look washed out. Look for blush colors with warm undertones.

For example, skip true pink and go for a rose color with a bit of red or orange. Avoid taupes and purples, as they can make your skin look dull.

Here are some blush colors that look great on tan skin:

     Warm pinks: strawberry, rose, punch, cranberry

     Peaches: apricot, salmon, coral, true peach

     Oranges: melon, sherbet, tangerine, papaya

     Red-browns: claret, currant, mahogany, raisin

These shades will enhance your natural glow and make your skin look radiant.

Accent on the eyes:

Pinks are flattering for everyone. Lighter colors like blush pink or warm peach can open up the eye area and brighten your face. Heavy shadows can make your eyelids look heavy, especially with a deep tan.

There are many ways to experiment with eyeshadow on bronze skin.

     For a sexy look, try dark smoky eyes.

     For a natural look, use an orange eyeshadow and blend it well. Tightlined eyes pair perfectly with a red lip for a classic and simple evening look.

With tan skin, the eyeshadow options are endless. Choose what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Hello, Highlighters!

Swap out pearlescent or pinky shades for golden and bronze tones to enhance your tan. Apply our finishing touch Shimmer on your cheekbones, collarbone, down the center of your legs, and on your shoulders for super radiant skin.

Highlighters are always a great addition. 

When you’ve finished your makeup, add a shiny highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, the leading edge of your nose, and the area over your lips on your devil’s bow. Just don’t go crazy. A little went a long way.


For makeup on tanned skin, focus on hydration and sun protection. Use a light coverage like BB cream to let your natural glow shine. Highlight your cheeks with a warm blush or bronzer for added radiance. Apply concealer strategically to cover imperfections and highlight features. Choose bold lip colors to make a statement and keep eye makeup light with warm tones or a natural smoky look. Enhance your tan with golden and bronze highlighters, but use them sparingly. These tips will help you achieve a beautiful, radiant look that complements your tan perfectly.

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