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Mastering an Elegant and Timeless Bridal Makeup Look

Bridal makeup has greatly evolved with time yet it varies from culture to culture. Your wedding day is one of the most significant days in your life so you need to look your best and confident self. Bridal makeup not only enhances your facial features but is aimed at making you stand out as the lady of the evening.

Typically, in South Asian and Arabian countries, brides tend to go for a full-glam look which complements their choice of bridal clothes for weddings. It is about creating a timeless look for your special day. In this blog, we will discuss the core features of bridal makeup, what you should go for and some tips for achieving the ultimate flawless bridal makeup look.

The base of the makeupThe base of the makeup

You need to ensure that your base is prepped for the makeup to last well and look flawless. This is done by skincare prep – choose products according to your skin type. The skincare prep serves as a canvas for the foundation, which is the first step for bridal makeup. Choose a high-coverage foundation that is known to be long-lasting and suits your skin type and tone. When applying on the face, do not forget to blend the foundation into the neck so that both the neck and the face match. Blend it smoothly and evenly with a beauty blender or a brush.

Eye makeup

Next, you start prepping the eyes with an eye primer or a concealer and then set it with a powder. The eyes stand out the most in the bridal makeup. So, you need to ensure that your eye makeup is on point. Here, you use a neutral tone eyeshadow for the crease or across the whole eyelid which is the base eye makeup. You can use brown, taupe or soft pink as your base color. for a glam look, top it off with a glitter-pressed eyeshadow and as a further addition, you can go with a liquid glitter eyeshadow. These should match your bridal dress for a well-put look – or you can match it with your wedding jewellery. Accentuate your eyes with a winged eyeliner using a gel or liquid eyeliner. Finish off the eyes with mascara and your lashes of choice (these are optional).

Face Makeup

After foundation, you need to go in with a concealer to conceal any dark spots, under the eyes and pimples or scars. Concealer is also an excellent way to brighten parts of the face. You can use one lighter shade concealer for a brightening effect. Blend it well and then top it off with some loose setting powder. For your full-coverage look, a loose setting powder is your trusted companion to ensure that the base looks even and for a long-lasting look.

Contour your cheekbones, the temple of your forehead, nose and your jawline for a defined look. You can use a cream contour and top it off with some contour powder or a bronzer, just dusting it off the areas mentioned above. Highlight the parts of the face where the light or sun hits such as on top of your cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bows.


For lips, you need the perfect color to complete your bridal look. If you have a fancy eye makeup going on, you can go with a classic nude or pink lip color. Start with a lip liner to define to outline the lips and then use lipstick – make sure it is a long-lasting formula. You can opt for lip colors such as nude pink, rose, mauve, or soft pink. Or you can go for a classic look and do a bold red lip for your big day.

Lastly, set everything in place with a setting spray. This helps to lock everything in and make sure that no tears, sweat or kisses ruin the makeup1

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