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Makeup Artist Miss Tooba will let you know about Commercial Makeup Process..

The Creating beauty makeup for a commercial shoot involves several steps and considerations. Here’s a general outline of the process:

  1. Client Consultation:
    • The makeup artist Tooba starts by having a discussion with the client (which are usually be a brand, photographer, or director) to understand their vision, brand identity, and the specific look they want to achieve for the commercial.
  2. Research and Planning:
    • The makeup artist Tooba researches the brand, its target audience, and the message they want to convey through the commercial. They also gather inspiration from mood boards, previous campaigns, and other references.
  3. Preparation and Organization:
    • The makeup artist Tooba organizes her kit, making sure that she have all the necessary products and tools. This includes a wide range of makeup products, brushes, sponges, applicators, and hygiene items.
  4. Skin Preparation:
    • The makeup artist Tooba begins by preparing the model’s skin. This usually involves cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to create a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  5. Primer and Base:
    • A primer is applied to create a smooth surface and help makeup adhere better. Then, a foundation that matches the model’s skin tone is applied for an even complexion.
  6. Concealing and Correcting:
    • Concealer is used to cover any blemishes, dark circles, or imperfections. Corrective makeup may be used to balance out skin tones or highlight certain features.
  7. Contouring and Highlighting:
    • Contouring products (darker shades) are applied to create shadows and define certain facial features, while highlighting products (lighter shades) are used to accentuate high points like cheekbones.
  8. Eye Makeup:
    • Depending on the look, the makeup artist applies eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and false lashes to enhance the eyes. The choice of colors and techniques is based on the desired effect.
  9. Brows:
    • The makeup artist Tooba shapes and fills in the eyebrows to frame the eyes and complement the overall look.
  10. Blush and Bronzer:
    • Blush adds a healthy flush of color to the cheeks, while bronzer can be used to warm up the complexion and add dimension.
  1. Lips:
    • Makeup Artist Tooba use Lip products, like lip liner, lipstick, and gloss, are applied to enhance and define the lips. The color choice is influenced by the overall look and brand aesthetic.
  1. Setting and Finishing:
    • Setting spray or powder is used to lock in the makeup and ensure it lasts throughout the shoot. The makeup artist may also do any final touch-ups.
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