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Bridal makeup is an art that enhances the natural beauty of a bride, making her look radiant and picture-perfect on her special day. The right bridal makeup can boost a bride’s confidence, ensuring she feels stunning and comfortable as she walks down the aisle. It’s not just about applying makeup; it’s about creating a look that reflects the bride’s personality and complements her attire and theme of the wedding.

Enjoy a personalized and top notch service from Dolled up by Tooba”

Are you looking for a luxury wedding hair and makeup service? Dolled up by Tooba is one of the most talented and requested wedding hair and makeup artist in Dubai. Inspired by Inner Beauty.

Luxury Bridal Hair And Makeup Artist For Your Wedding in Dubai

Dolled up by Tooba is an international wedding hair and makeup artist working in Dubai. She offers best makeup and hair for wedding and professional beauty services suited to all types of events.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist Dubai

Your Luxury Wedding Beauty Experience in Dubai

Today is the day when you want to look and feel your best – as all eyes (and cameras!) are watching. Hiring a wedding makeup artist and hair stylist in Dubai will make sure that you look like your finest self on the day you say ‘I do’

On your big day, trusting on professional makeup artist and hairstylist, who can take care of every minor detail of how you want to look is very essential. Dolled up by Tooba knows how to full fill your needs and adapt them to your personality and seasonal trends, with the certainty of getting a unique and unforgettable overall experience.

Women’s most important day of life must be absolutely perfect. It will be a lasting memory to those who personally live through it and those who take part in it with you. It will be documented in photographs, shared on social networks and on videos that will crystallize the moment forever. You, the bride, will be a star and must look gorgeous. A fresh and vibrant beauty that will spring forth from the intensity of your emotions but still be harmonised with the dress, accessories, makeup, hair styleand theme of the event.

Dolled up by Tooba, as your personal hair and makeup artist, will examine your style and your requirements in order to create an amazing bridal look: elegant and natural makeup, and beautiful makeup to highlight your beauty with a right hairstyle that complements the shape of facial features as per geometrical symmetry. Service could include a trial, this is a fundamental time where questions can be raised and requests brought up for discussion: every detail is used to define the ideal look, in line with your requirements, along with her professional perspective.

Dolled up by Tooba and her wedding beauty team of high skilled makeup artists and hair stylists travel to your hotel or location and take care of you and your guests to make your destination wedding in Dubai an unforgettable experience in a very friendly and relaxed way.

The expertise of a professional on your wedding day

Preparations for a marriage can last for months or even years for some couples because they want that this beautiful event to stay in the spirits of their loved ones and that everyone enjoys this beautiful moment with them.

You’ve probably heard it, the wedding day goes by extremely quickly. The following day there may be a brunch to continue celebrating your union but the wedding day has come to an end.

What will remain of this day? Memories thanks to the videos and especially the photos taken by your guests and your photographer. For the photos to be successful, you need of course an excellent photographer who will capture the most beautiful moments and to help him indirectly, a professional Bridal Makeup Artist.

A professional Makeup Artist must ensure that the bride’s complexion is smooth and luminous, without signs of exhaustion or stress and her face highlighted in a harmonious manner. A well executed bridal makeup will allow the bride to feel beautiful and good about herself and guarantee her to be radiant in her wedding photos. The photographer will work on retouching the photos but for the photos to be natural, he will not try to touch up your skin for example if your foundation is not the right color or any other small error in makeup.

Wedding photos are memories you will keep forever, show to your children, grandchildren and, if you can, your great grandchildren.

If you can, grant yourself the services of a professional makeup artist for your wedding day.

Nor sure you need a professional Makeup Artist ? Here are 10 reasons why you should hire Dolled up by Tooba professional Makeup Artist.

Dolled up by Tooba’s approach

More than a makeup service, a personalized experience

A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life.

For this reason, Dolled up by Tooba considers that the services she offers cannot be limited a simple makeup service. She makes it a whole experience.

Dolled up by Tooba has a personalized and sophisticated approach in her makeup service for brides. At first, she will discuss with you during a phone consultation on your personality, your tastes, your needs and expectations and the organization of your wedding.

This phone consultation is an essential element because it will allow Dolled up by Tooba to know a little more about you and therefore to get an idea of the makeup style that would suit you.

Successful makeup is makeup that will enhance your facial features. To achieve this, Dolled up by Tooba will study your morphology (face structure) as well as the colors that suit you best depending on the color of your complexion, your eyes or even your hair.

Look Radiate & Elegance on Your Big Day with Dolled up by Tooba

Feel confident and beautiful on your special day