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9 types of makeup looks in 2024

Do you want to keep ahead of the beauty trends in 2024? Discover the top ten popular makeup looks catching the world by storm! Whether you want an amazing night out, a natural day look, or something sparkling with glitter, we have you covered. Doll’d Up by Tooba, a professional freelance makeup artist based in Dubai, can create every look to perfection. Let’s change your style and beauty by dolledupbytooba.


A glam makeup look focuses on growing a glamorous and elegant look. It often includes sparkly eyeshadow to make the eyes pop, winged eyeliner for a dramatic impact, and false lashes to add extra volume to your lashes. Bold lip colorings, like pink or deep berry sun shades, are selected to make the lips stand out. This sort of makeup is ideal for unique events like weddings, events, or any occasion wherein you want to look great. The aim is to focus on your capabilities and provide you with a lovely, polished look.


A no-make-up look specializes in improving your natural splendor while at the same time making it seem as though you’re no longer wearing any makeup. This style uses mild, sheer merchandise to even out your pores and skin tone, along with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Subtle touches like a chunk of concealer to hide imperfections, a hint of blush for a healthy glow, and a light coat of mascara to outline the eyes are key. The lips are kept herbal with a nude lip balm or gloss. The purpose is to create a clean, smooth, and stunning appearance.


An evening makeup appearance is ideal for formal events, parties, or nights. It consists of dark eyeshadow, a smokey eye, and an ambitious lip color to create a dramatic and intense effect. This fashion enhances your nighttime apparel and may make you stand out. Adding some sparkle or glitter to your eyes or lips gives them a more glamorous look, enhancing their look. The aim is to look stylish and sophisticated, making an enduring impression at any event.


A glitter make-up look uses glitter or shimmer products to feature shine and sparkle on your face, often on your eyes, lips, or cheeks. This fashion makes you look funny and festive, catching the light and attention. You can pick any shade or form of glitter you like, consisting of silver, gold, purple, or megastar-shaped. It’s an excellent way to stand out and add a playful touch to your make-up for any unique event.


Nude makeup complements your herbal beauty while retaining a diffused and clean appearance. The focus is on developing a wonderful complexion through the use of lightweight foundations and concealers that blend seamlessly with your pores and skin tone. This ensures a good base without looking heavy or cakey. Neutral tones are used to highlight your features, such as gentle browns and beiges for eyeshadow and light blushes for a touch of color on the cheeks. Sheer lip shades, like nude or smooth red sunglasses, have a natural finish. Nude makeup aims to appear polished and radiant, making it perfect for regular wear and any occasion where you want an herbal, delicate look.


Dewy makeup offers your skin a luminous and wholesome glow. It uses merchandise that makes your face appear sparkling and hydrated, creating a radiant sheen. Start with an illuminating primer to create a vibrant base. Use a dewy-end basis for a herbal shine. Liquid highlighters may be applied to the high points of your face, just like the cheekbones and brow bones, to add more radiance. Cream-based total blushes give your cheeks a youthful and herbal flush. The typical effect is a colorful, glowing complexion that looks beautiful.


Matte make-up goals for a shine-free, velvety end. It is long-lasting and presents a smooth, ideal look. Start with a matte foundation to create a great base. Use powders to preserve your skin’s shine, unfastened all day. Matte lipsticks add a formidable, sophisticated touch to your look. If you need to maintain shine all day, blotting papers are beneficial. The result is a sophisticated, stylish appearance that lasts.


HD makeup is made to look best on high-definition cameras, providing you with an easy and polished appearance. It makes use of products with milled pigments for a continuing end. To reap this, combine your makeup to avoid any strains. The result is a faultless look that looks incredible both on Digicam and in person.


Bridal makeup is all about a protracted-lasting, radiant appearance that highlights the bride’s natural splendor. It includes using water-proof and lengthy-carrying products to ensure the makeup stays perfect all day. Focus on creating a balanced complexion, defining the eyes, and choosing a romantic lip coloration. This technique ensures the bride appears beautiful and fresh at some point in her unique day.


Staying on top of make-up trends will let you feel assured and look high-quality for any event. Whether you choose the glamour of a formidable appearance, the subtlety of a no-make-up look, or the glint of glitter makeup, there is a fashion for everybody in 2024. At Dolledupbytooba, we focus on these kinds of make-up and extra. Based in Dubai, we provide our professional services all over the place. Let Dolledbytooba deliver your quality search for any occasion. Book your appointment these days!

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