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9 Best Hair Color Salons in Dubai

Dubai is recognized for its elegance and style, and the hair color criteria are also high. Whether you want to make an impact, update your appearance, or try something different, the city’s leading salons can help. We’ve produced a list of ten top hair color  Dubai beauty salons, where skilled stylists apply modern methods and high-quality materials to create the right color. Prepare to alter your locks at these remarkable salons, each known for their outstanding customer service and outstanding outcomes.


On days when you need to be pampered, enter Soak Salon’s relaxing, neutral-toned surroundings. Whether you’re receiving points, an all-over color, or a keratin medication, your hair’s health is our main priority. While you patiently await, The Gel Bottle offers a peaceful pedicure and manicure in comfortable chairs, with a variety of nail styles to choose from. You’ll arrive feeling revived and renewed, making Soak Salon one of the top places for a hair makeover in Dubai.


Snob Salon, established by former hair editor Haneen Odeh, promises exceptional service with a unique touch. Our full-service ladies’ salon, located in the heart of Jumeirah, offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including hair styling, nail care, and waxing. The salon’s trendy décor, which features millennial pink and light mint voices, creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere suited for self-care.

Haneen Odeh’s significant experience in the beauty business guarantees that the Snob Salon provides attentive and precise hairstyles. The client-first philosophy ensures that every detail is paid attention to, resulting in a great experience. While you’ve been there, treat yourself to a short haircut and pedicure, relaxing full-body massage therapy, or a traditional Moroccan-style hammam to get some well-deserved me-time.


This award-winning hair, beauty, nail, and spa salon offers everything you need in a friendly yet professional setting. You can relax and feel confident, knowing you’ll leave with stunning, show-stopping hair. The salon features state-of-the-art styling areas and treatment rooms, ensuring you get the latest and most desirable looks each season.

Believing that beauty is never one-size-fits-all, the salon creates unique styles and colors for every client. During each consultation, hairstylists pay close attention to your needs, considering your specific hair texture and skin tone. This personalized approach ensures you receive a tailored, made-for-you hairstyling solution.

4- Hush Salon

From nail and body care to luxurious hair services, this one-stop destination meets all your beauty needs for any occasion. The salon’s plush interiors and expert staff ensure that every visit leaves you feeling empowered. With top-notch professionalism and state-of-the-art equipment, you can expect the best service throughout. Conveniently, there are three premium branches across Dubai, located at The Address Dubai Mall Hotel, Sofitel Hotel in JBR, and Wafi Mall.


With a comprehensive menu offering a holistic approach to hair and beauty, Sisters Beauty Lounge ensures you get the most from your visit. They offer individual treatments in rich, sophisticated décor across seven sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Their outstanding offerings include haircuts, spa treatments, manicures, and more, all aimed to delight and meet your cosmetic demands.


Trevor Sorbie’s salon is a must-visit in Dubai Mall, owing to its over fifty years of experience. Their professional designers are competent at offering tailored hair services, whether you need basic color repairs or a total makeover. They focus on creating looks that not only showcase your unique style but also require minimal maintenance to suit your lifestyle. Since its debut in 2020 at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue extension, this ladies-only salon has established itself with 20 dedicated styling sections and a separate lounge area. Here, you can enjoy refreshments and a range of beauty treatments in a luxurious setting. It’s designed to cater to all your beauty needs under one roof.


Situated on Alserkal Avenue, this one-of-a-kind hair salon focuses on both innovators and rebels, providing special, customized services for the ideal pampering experience. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., it blends quality service with a minimal aesthetic, creating an edgy atmosphere that stands out. Here, you can express your individuality amid art, music, and a vibrant ambiance. Communication is key, as stylists not only meet your expectations but also address concerns and hair goals, guiding maintenance to keep your hair looking salon-fresh between visits.


This easy hideaway, located in the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers, is recognized for its peaceful decor and qualified hairdressing crew. Whether you’re looking for a fashionable flip or a new hair color, the team that works here is trained to use modern techniques to produce an appearance that is personal to you. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in cluster N, JLT, it offers a peaceful retreat for all your hair care needs.


For a haircut fit for royalty, Rossano Ferretti’s salon in Dubai is the place to go. Renowned for serving celebrities like Kate Middleton and Kate Moss, the salon offers custom cuts performed by trained stylists. They use special texturizing scissors that trim only 18% of your hair, compared to the 30% cut by traditional scissors. This technique ensures a precise and personalized haircut tailored to enhance your natural beauty.


Dubai boasts many of the arena’s finest hair shade salons, where luxury meets understanding to deliver beautiful effects. Whether you are seeking a formidable new look, subtle enhancements, or meticulous hair care, these pinnacle 10 salons offer extraordinary careers and today’s strategies. From Soak Salon’s pampering environments to Rossano Ferretti’s royal-worthy cuts, each salon excels in catering to diverse beauty wishes with finesse and fashion.


Are these salons suitable for both men and women?

Most of these salons cater to women, with specialized services and environments designed to meet their needs. Some salons may offer limited services for men as well.

Do these salons offer services other than hair services?
Yes, these salons provide services other than hair. They provide makeup, beauty, skincare, and all other services. For makeup service, you can contact us at dolledupbytooba.
Why makeup trial is important for a destination wedding in Dubai?
A makeup trial would help you to choose different looks for your outdoor or destination wedding. It will also help in making necessary adjustments according to the venue and the weather in Dubai which would make you confident for your main day.

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